Hello, I have been separated from my common law husband from a year and he refused to give me a get on grounds that he didnt have money to pay for the ketubah. I waived the ketubah and filed for the get. Shortly thereafter he was imprisoned for a felony, in another country. Even when my Rav told me I can receive my get through a sheliach, I'm really afraid to remain an agunah. What can I do to help my process? It is in South America.

Turn to your Rav and ask him to get in touch with the Orthodox rabbinate in the vicinity of the country in South America where your husband is incarcerated. You Rav should request of them to visit your husband, at least two shomrei Shabbat men should go for the visit. When they meet him they should have him sign a "kitvu u'tnu" which is a halakhic document in which the husband appoints others to give his wife a get in his name. The Rabbinate will then complete the process with your local Orthodox Beth Din. If your Rav does not know how to do this, then turn to your local Orthodox Beth Din for assistance. If you live in Israel, open a file in the State Rabbinical Court. Don't give up--this can be accomplished.