Personal Stories

We encourage you to share "your story" so that others may benefit from your experience. By sharing your story, you help bring awareness and understanding of the scope of Get refusal and the emotional impact on Jewish families. The more that the Rabbinic community is exposed to these stories, the more compelled they may be to develop further Halachic responses to Get refusal.

Stories are posted under fictitious names to protect your privacy. 

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Chana's Story 
I left my abusive husband when my son was an infant.  By the time I was granted my Get, he
was 17.  

Miriam's Story 
I finally got my Get.  But my freedom cost me $40,000.00. 

14 Years Chained 
A woman finally receives a GET after 14 years
of waiting.

Free At Last 
A woman’s personal tale of her plight as an aguna for eight years.

Rivky Stein Turns to Social Media to Battle for her Get 
Earlier this month an Orthodox Jewish woman living in New York, launched a Facebook page to try and force her husband to give her a Get.  Here she speaks in an interview about her struggle.

Video Interview

Video interview with Lonna Kin and her struggle to obtain a get.