I married a Jewish Man 3 years ago. He was married to a Jewish woman for 7 years and they divorced. They did not get a get. She was refusing to accept it from the rabbi on the opposite Coast. She remarried as well. Does this matter that we still need to get it? We are waiting for our adoption forever baby and I just need to know if this is still an issue or if we can live our lives as we have been.

Thank you for reaching out to us.  I’m sorry to hear of this situation, and will do my best to help.  If I understand correctly, I wish you all success and a lifetime of joy regarding the adoption.

With regard to your question – your husband’s previous wife’s remarriage does not remove the requirement for a get.  However, it may make things easier for you in a variety of ways. I think that if you’re willing, it would be worthwhile for us to discuss the details of his previous marriage and associated issues, and then I expect to be able to give you a much clearer answer.