I made Aliyah four years ago and am now seeking a Get.  My husband is already telling me that he may not grant me one and I am concerned about Get refusal.  Do you suggest I open a file in the Bet Din or in an Israeli civil court?

In Israel the State Rabbinical courts hold sole jurisdiction in matters of personal status of Jews meaning that all divorces are administered under its auspices in accordance with Jewish law. There is no civil divorce. Nevertheless, there is parallel jurisdiction for the matters connected to divorce (such as child custody and support or division of assets) granted to both the Rabbinic Court and the civil Family Court. It may be wiser to open a file first in the civil Family Court for the matters connected to divorce and then later to open a file suing for the Get in the Rabbinic Court; or to open one file only in the Rabbinic Court for all the matters. Each set of circumstances dictates the policy best for that woman. The right choice can influence your husband to give you a Get. You should seek legal counsel before opening a file in either court.

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