How does a man obtain a written Get? Does he write it himself? I have been told that he must go to a Rabbinical court to be granted a Get. Is this correct?

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question.

In practice, a get is never written by the husband himself.  Instead, he must go to a rabbinical court and authorize a trained scribe to write it (even if he himself is a trained scribe).  It would be vanishingly unlikely for a privately written get to be valid under Jewish law.  Husbands who offer their wives such a document as if it were sufficient to allow remarriage under Jewish law are essentially committing fraud.

Please note that a rabbinic court cannot grant either the husband or the wife a Jewish divorce.  Jewish divorce happens when the wife or her authorized agent is handed the physical get by the husband or his authorized agent, and she acquires unchallenged ownership of the document.  The husband is not divorced until the wife has received the get.

I hope this answer is helpful.  Please feel free to ask for clarifications or to ask follow-ups.