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Marriage, Divorce, and the Abandoned Wife:
Rabbi M. Broyde
This is a comprehensive look at the sources in book form.

Who divorces Whom? 
Yaffa Epstein
The laws of divorce in Torah and Talmudic sources, and their relevance in the modern context.

Jewish Divorce 101 

Get Refusal

Hafka'at Kiddushin: Towards Solving The Agunah Problem in our Time*
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Ph.D.

Anulling a Marriage without a Get:
Dr. Rachel Levmore
A case study of Mekach Taut (marriage annulment)

Sources for various Halachic solutions to the Agunah Problem: 
Rabbi Dov Lizner

Summary and reasoning for the Bet Din of America ruling on the World Trade Center Agunot 
Rabbi Chaim Jachter

The Agunah Crisis...An Analysis of Proposed Systemic Solutions
Rabbi Aryeh Klapper, Center for Modern Torah Leadership

Sources and Study Guide
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Legal Solutions to the Agunah Problem
Dr. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe

Current Jewish Questions Understanding the Agunah Problem 
Rabbi Josh Yuter

Signing a post nuptial agreement
Hody Nemes

Israel and Abroad
As more cases of get refusals rise in Israel and abroad, state institutions must provide the communal support needed to help resolve the issue.

Politicians and Lawmakers
Several rabbinic organizations are working towards implementing a prenuptial agreement and seek to spread knowledge of the agunah problem. 

Audio and Video

Video: Why Should I Sign a Prenup?  
provided by ICAR

Interview with Dr. Rachel Levmore
A TV interview in Hebrew on the IBA news show "Erev Hadash", filmed live on International Agunah day, March 13, 2014 (click on 13.3.14)

March 17, 2014 in English on Kol Yisrael-English News, on the 12:30 PM show {C}

Aspects of the heter agunah. Part 1

Aspects of the heter agunah. Part 2

Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm devotes this shiur to the question of agunahs (aguno)t, in memory of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Spektor who was known for his efforts on behalf of agunot. There are certain leniencies when dealing with question of agunah: accepting written testimony, testimony of slave, or a witness who heard from witness. In some cases rabbis have power to uproot kiddushin retroactively. Various opinions regarding concept of hazakah in regard to married woman.
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