The Boston Agunah Taskforce:

Support, consultations, and Rabbinic solutions for women living in the Greater Boston area. 
Mail, contact the Boston Agunah Taskforce at 781-640-7769, or visit our website



ORA resolves current cases of get-refusal by combining facilitation with advocacy, and prevents future cases by promoting the universal adoption of halachic prenuptial agreements. Our dedicated caseworkers formulate and spearhead an individualized action plan for each agunah by facilitating communication between all parties, navigating Jewish and civil court systems, trailblazing new approaches to case resolution, and rallying public support. When necessary, we apply social, communal, financial and legal pressure to ensure that a get is given unconditionally and in a timely fashion.

The International Coalition for Agunah Rights, Jerusalem, Israel

IKAR works to place the issue of Get Refusal on the public agenda and advocate for change in Israel through media coverage, political lobbying, and public information campaigns. The coalition consists of volunteer organizations that are devoted to the same general cause – protecting the rights of Israeli citizens. A coalition of 27 organizations working together to eradicate get-recalcitrance and extortion in the divorce process within the framework of Jewish Law.